Spring 2021 Newsletter

Management Science and Engineering

Virtual alumni reunion

MS&E’s first-ever virtual alumni reunion, held on Saturday, February 20, welcomed more than 300 alumni and friends from around the globe. Read the recap, and watch the faculty talks.

Riitta Katila: How diversity drives innovation

While society has come a long way in terms of diversity over the past 50 years, Prof. Riitta Katila—who is an expert in technology strategy and organizational learning—says there’s still a long way to go. Read more.

How to save democracy from technology

Prof. Ashish Goel and colleagues investigate the influence of large digital platforms and suggest policies aimed at curbing their influence. Read more.

MS&E’s Diversity, Equity & Inclusion committee audits and reports on department practices, increases diversity in our MS&E community, and communicates and coordinates with campus groups on issues broadly related to diversity and inclusion. Learn more.

Le Roy Davis (BS ’90, MS ’92)

Le Roy Davis, SVP at Wells Fargo, discusses his passion for decision making under uncertain circumstances and how the skills he learned in MS&E have helped him thrive as a banking executive. Read more.

Kathy Eisenhardt, Yinyu Ye discuss paths to Stanford

A pioneering female faculty member, Prof. Kathy Eisenhardt eschewed conventional number-crunching to show how in-depth case studies best reveal the improv culture of high-growth companies. Read more.
An aptitude for athletics helped transform Prof. Yinyu Ye from a rice farmer during China’s Cultural Revolution into a world-renowned scholar. Read more.

Latinx alumni panel share experiences with students

At MS&E’s first-ever Latinx alumni panel, three alumni discussed their experiences as Latinx students at Stanford and as Latinx professionals in industry. Watch the video.

Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders Speaker Series

MS&E alum Stephanie Lampkin (BS ’06) creates enterprise software that leverages augmented intelligence and people analytics to mitigate unconscious bias in hiring. Watch her ETL talk.
The next ETL series starts April 7. Speakers include Miami Heat guard-forward Andre Iguodala, who in addition to having a notable basketball career has been at the forefront of venture capital and technology investments. Explore details and links.

Should the United States keep screening all blood donations for Zika?

A study by PhD student Alton Russell and colleagues suggests that blood centers spend $80 million a year to avert a vanishingly small risk, and that federal authorities should reassess the requirement. Read more.

Stanford PhD students investigate racial disparities in COVID-19

PhD student Anneke Claypool and others are investigating what interventions might work to combat the racial disparities in COVID-19’s societal impact. Read more.

Engineering entrepreneurial success in emerging economies

Two undergraduate students worked with Prof. Chuck Eesley through the King Center on Global Development this year. They performed research on procrastination and geographic diversity in entrepreneurship. Read more.

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