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Management Science and Engineering
Winter 2023 Newsletter
Happy new year!
January brings to MS&E a spirit of change and renewed focus. In this newsletter, you'll learn about our efforts in artificial intelligence, as well as staffing changes that include a new Career Services Officer, and the retirement of a leader who served the department for 20 years. You'll also gather new insights from our organizational science research.
In this issue:
 • Artificial intelligence research
 • Stories & voices
 • Careers & organizations
 • Faculty, student, & alum awards

Explore articles, videos, and more in this issue of the MS&E Newsletter.
Our lead story: Artificial intelligence and MS&E
five students in Stanford t-shirts sit behind a table with welcoming expressions
At MS&E Reunion 2022, speakers shared their thoughts on AI | Image by Jennifer Sitter
Faculty discuss impact of AI
At the MS&E Reunion 2022 event, former classmates gathered for a mini-symposium and networking brunch. The symposium featured three MS&E faculty speakers, who shared different perspectives about the ways artificial intelligence is impacting research and teaching in the department.
  • Professor Ben Van Roy discussed recent breakthroughs in AI, how AI is giving rise to technologies that might shape humanity's future, and how scholars with MS&E training are positioned to positively impact this evolution.

  • Professor Amin Saberi discussed the evolution of markets into systems in which the so-called "invisible hand of the market" is often an algorithm, as well as the implications of such an arrangement.

  • Professor Kathleen Eisenhardt discussed the value of small data sets and qualitative insights, and pondered whether machine learning is a re-creation of how humans become experts.
Read more about their talks and the event, and view the photo gallery.
How to harness AI's value
Five portrait photos of new MS&E faculty
Madeleine Udell and Johan Ugander received NSF CAREER awards | Images courtesy of MS&E
  • It's no secret: There is tremendous value in big data. But the process of extracting that value and becoming a data-driven organization can be more difficult to discern. That's where Professor Madeleine Udell comes in. She received an NSF CAREER award for helping automate and accelerate basic machine learning workflows—and training data scientists to use them. Professor Udell joins Professor Johan Ugander among Stanford's nine recent NSF CAREER award winners.

  • At AI Summit New York, Professor Arvind Karunakaran discussed how to harness data science in business. He also delivered a keynote on leaders' roles in digital transformation and sat on multiple panels at the conference.
AI in action
  • One example of an organization that successfully found value in AI comes from Professor Melissa Valentine. At the Stanford Human-Centered AI fall conference, she shared her research on how data science and fashion buyer teams designed and implemented an AI-powered tool to aid their business practices.

  • In this episode of The Future of Everything, Professor Valentine discusses the automation and algorithms that help perform the matchmaking behind gig work, as well as the future of the gig economy.

  • The Stanford Online Deliberation Platform, which facilitates equitable conversations using automated moderation, was co-developed by a team including Professor Ashish Goel, PhD students Lodewijk Gelauff and Sukolsak Sakshuwong, and master's student Bhargav Dindukurthi. The platform has limited availability for testing and has already been used around the world.
AI for leaders
  • The recent acceleration of digital transformation has led some to think every leader needs to be an AI-expert technologist. But that's not the case, say Paul Leonardi (PhD '07) and Tsedal Neeley (PhD '07). In this episode of Dare to Lead with Brené Brown, the pair discuss how leaders who develop a digital mindset can lead successfully in the age of data, algorithms, and AI.

  • For those in charge of digital transformation for their organizations, Professor Valentine discusses five mistakes managers make when introducing AI—as well as how to fix them.
Melinda McGee 2to1.jpg
Melinda McGee
After 20 years managing MS&E, retiring Director of Finance & Operations Melinda McGee—who started this newsletter—became Staff Emerita this winter. As she began retirement, she reflected on her journey and experiences in the department.
Laura Taylor-Kale 2to1 comp.jpeg
Laura Taylor-Kale
(PhD '22)
We have to build organizations that embrace complex problems as both challenges and opportunities, says Laura Taylor-Kale (PhD '22) (pronounced KAH-Lay).
UDR stories & voices 2to1 comp.jpg
Andrea Collins,
Mackenna Turner
Master's student Andrea Collins and Junior Mackenna Turner (Computer Science) share their experiences as student participants in MS&E's Undergraduate Diversity in Research program.
Shirley-Somuah 2to1.jpg
Shirley Somuah
(BS '07)
In The Guardian, Shirley Somuah (BS '07) discusses her career journey and how gender diverse teams have higher potential to be successful.
MS&E careers
  • Time travel: David Telleen Lawton (MS '78, BS '77) helps students get in touch with their FutureSelf.

  • We host in-person and virtual workshops almost every quarter. Interested in helping MS&E students by hosting a future career development workshop? If so, please contact Lindsey Akin, our new Career Services Officer: [email protected].
Better organizations
Other news
portrait photos of three students who participated in the MS&E undergraduate diversity in research program
Inspire your inner entrepreneur with this quarter's ETL speakers | Images courtesy of eCorner
MS&E faculty
MS&E students and alums
  • Several alums and one student were honored in the 2023 Forbes 30 under 30 list: Harrison Hochman (MS '21, BS '20), Kenzi Inman (BS '18), Olamide Oladeji (PhD student), Abuzar Royesh (MS '21), Michael Strand (PhD '20, MS '18), Jacqueline Wibowo (MS '18), and Andy Zhao (BS '16).

  • Grace Isford (MS '19, BS '19) was named one of Insider Business's 71 Rising Stars of Venture Capital (link requires Insider Business subscription). For the first time, this year's list includes more women than men and showcases several women who made partner at their firms, including Isford.

  • Patrick Fields (MS '22) was named a first team Academic All-American by College Sports Communicators.

  • Naomi Girma (MS '22) was named to the NCAA Honors Committee's Today's Top 10 awardee pool.

  • Camila Katz (MS '22) was named a Class of 2023-24 Schwarzman Scholar.

  • Fifth-year undergraduate Brody Malone was one of three Stanford gymnasts who represented Team USA in the 2022 Artistic Gymnastics World Championships.

  • Senior Cam Cilley was named a first team Scholar All-American by United Soccer Coaches.

  • Junior Mackenna Turner, a computer science major who intends to pursue a master's degree in MS&E, was selected in the inaugural cohort of Voyager Scholars. The program supports students interested in pursuing public service careers.
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