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Spring 2023: It’s our first spring at the Stanford Doerr School of Sustainability, and this edition celebrates the abundance of remarkable research, discussion, change makers, and events that are deepening our roots in the global sustainability conversation.

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School Highlights
Ali Zaidi came to the school to discuss how effective federal policies can tackle climate change and help the working class and the young, in particular.
The school holds its second lecture in the dean’s new series, featuring experts in energy, environmental health, and Indigenous Peoples environmental policy.
Kabir Peay leads undergraduate and coterminal master’s students investigating environmental problems caused by human activities in conjunction with natural changes in the Earth system.
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Paula Welander, Associate Professor of Earth System Science, on becoming a professor who studies microbiology – a career neither she nor her family knew was an option until a mentor pointed her in the direction of graduate school.
On The Record
"Stabilizing the climate system will require reaching net zero. There are a lot of emissions globally – and it’s a big ship to turn around."
- Professor Noah Diffenbaugh in The Guardian

"The kinds of losses [of peatlands] we’ve seen in Indonesia for palm oil plantations would be devastating if they happened elsewhere in the tropics. We don’t have that luxury."
- Professor Rob Jackson in Bloomberg

"The American public doesn’t realize how green it is, and even elected representatives don’t realize how green the American public is. You don’t have to change anybody’s opinion. You just have to make the unanimities or near unanimities more salient for people."
- Professor Jon Krosnick in The Washington Post
Stanford Earth Matters Magazine 
Warmer weather makes conifers more prone to being replaced by other species, informing approach to long-term wildfire and ecosystem management.
Close to 1,000 endangered fin whales observed foraging near Antarctica as fishing vessels trawled for krill in their midst, highlighting the need for policy change.
Researchers find that blue food can help policymakers tackle malnutrition, cardiovascular disease, and climate risk worldwide.
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