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Civil & Environmental Engineering Newsletter
Winter 2023
CEE Retreat
Update from our Chair

Dear Civil & Environmental Engineering Community, Alumni & Friends,

I hope this newsletter from Stanford CEE finds you well. Our department had an exciting fall quarter as we became a joint department between the School of Engineering and the new Stanford Doerr School of Sustainability, Stanford’s first new school in 75 years. The picture above is from our faculty retreat a few weeks after we officially launched with our new status. We are now proud founders of two Stanford schools.

I am delighted to announce that we welcomed two new assistant professors to our faculty this academic year, Khalid Osman and Barbara Simpson. You can read more about them in this newsletter. I am also happy to announce the promotion of Catherine Gorlé to associate professor with tenure and the conferral of tenure to both Associate Professor Meagan Mauter and Associate Professor Hae Young Noh. We look forward to working with them all for many years to come.

I hope you enjoy our departmental highlights, and I encourage you to stay connected with us throughout the year. We are grateful for your support and your ongoing participation in the Stanford Civil & Environmental Engineering community.


Sarah Billington
UPS Foundation Professor and Chair
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Get to know our newest Faculty
Professor Khalid Osman
Khalid Osman
Joined in 2022
"I try to bridge the ideas of social equity and environmental justice"
Professor Barbara Simpson
Barbara Simpson
Joined in 2022
"I’m imagining a world where natural disasters aren’t so disastrous"
Student Spotlights
Simi Aluko
Simi Aluko
PhD candidate
"My first trip to London opened my mind to the idea that buildings can tell stories"
Claire Anderson
Claire Anderson
PhD Candidate
2022-23 Chair of the Dean's Graduate Student Advisory Council
Research Updates
drought Shutterstock/Piyaset.png
Water Affordability
Professor Sarah Fletcher's lab studies water resources planning for an uncertain future. Access to safe, affordable water is vital but when droughts strike areas that are already water-stressed, water providers are forced to curtail water usage or invest in supplies from more expensive sources, which can increase costs
ev-charger-Shutterstock-husjur20 2.png
EV Charging and the Power Grid
The vast majority of electric vehicle owners charge their cars at home in the evening or overnight. We’re doing it wrong, according to a new study from Professor Ram Rajagopal. What can we change?

Heat pump
The Heat Pump Solution
Professor Mark Jacobson recently spoke with the PBS Newshour about an alternative for home heating that could reduce the use and costs of fossil fuels
Stanford undergraduate Julia Simon collects wastewater from the Codiga Resource Recovery Center at Stanford for analysis. | Image by Harry Gregory
Wastewater Monitoring
Researchers at Stanford University and Emory University have launched a nationwide initiative to monitor monkeypox, COVID-19, and other infectious diseases in communities by measuring viral genetic material in wastewater
Other News
Stanford ASC Team
ASC Reno Competition
Students win First Place
Thanks in part to Adjunct Lecturer Jane Lin's leadership and alumni coaching, Stanford placed First for the 7th consecutive year
CEE Field Trip
Understand Energy
A group of students visited Shasta Dam in November to learn about its impact on California’s electricity and freshwater supply
Awards & Recognition
Professor Jack Baker selected as 2023 Joyner Lecturer at the Earthquake Engineering Research Institute
Professor Gregory L. Deierlein named 2023 Honorary Member of the Earthquake Engineering Research Institute
Professor Anne Kiremidjian awarded the 2023 Egleston Medal from Columbia University
Professor Nick Ouellette was recently named Fellow of the American Physical Society
Professor Barbara Simpson awarded the National Science Foundation Career Award
Jill Filice
Jill Filice
Jill has been a vital part of CEE Student Services for nearly 34 years with enduring commitment to every student's success
Stanford Civil Engineering
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