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Fall 2021
Naomi Oreskes. Photo credit: World Economic Forum.
Stanford Earth's highest alumni honor is awarded to a globally recognized voice on the role of science in society.
Julia Rosen. Image credit: Jennifer Baker for Live Wire Radio.
In under a decade, the environmental journalist has reached a wide audience with her clear and compelling stories.
Stanford O'Donohue Family Educational Farm. Photo credit: Andrew Brodhead / Stanford News Service.
An immersive course in the Stanford Summer Graduate Institute models a keystone experience for students in Stanford's new school focused on climate and sustainability.
Aerial picture of Bay Area. Image credit: Wikimedia Commons.
Students pursuing the new minor offered by the Earth Systems Program will study how and why environmental inequities occur and learn from community-led efforts to redress them.
Faculty Honors & Awards
Alexandra Konings: Early Career Award, American Geophysical Union
Tony KovscekThe John Franklin Carll Award, Society of Petroleum Engineers
Mathieu Lapôtre: Early Career Award, American Geophysical Union
Wendy Mao: 2021 AGU Fellow, American Geophysical Union
Pamela Matson: Elected to the Governing Board, International Science Council

Laura Schaefer2021 Scialog Collaborative Innovation
Peter Vitousek: Honorary Membership, British Ecological Society


4th Annual Environmental Justice Symposium at Stanford
Wednesday, November 17, 2021, 11:00 AM PT, Virtual

Stanford Earth Virtual Reception at AGU
Monday, December 13, 2021, 4:30 PM PT, Virtual

Nominations are open for the 2022 Early- to Mid-Career Alumni Award and Distinguished Alumni Award. Recognize the worthy contributions made by Stanford Earth alumni by submitting a nomination today.

Have you tuned in to the ongoing Accelerating Climate Solutions webinar series? View past event recordings at and watch your inbox for future invitations to conversations led by faculty from around the university.


Jared Isobe, '22 Geophysics, spent the summer taking extreme measures that transported him to places he never believed he would see—like deep within the Earth.
Jared Isobe. Photo courtesy of Jared Isobe.
“The atmosphere ultimately is the truth.” 
–Rob Jackson in the Washington Post

“When we look closely at 485 million years of extinctions and recoveries in the world’s oceans, there does appear to be a pattern in what comes back.” 
–Pedro Monarrez in Stanford Earth Matters 

“We need to understand what kind of solutions are behaviorally, culturally, and socially realistic if we’re going to make meaningful change.”
–Gabrielle Wong-Parodi on the PBS News Hour

“Making it cheaper for businesses to invest in carbon capture and storage is the best way to immediately reduce fossil fuel emissions.” 
–Sally Benson on
The President’s Award for Public Service and Civic Engagement honors Stanford alumni who exemplify lives of purpose, impact, and action. We invite you to nominate alumni making a difference in their communities and the world through their dedication to public service.
Memorial Church. Photo credit: Stanford News Service.
Rainforest being cleared for a palm oil plantation. Image credit: Shutterstock
Stanford experts explain why the pledges made in Glasgow matter – and what actions and accountability will need to follow.
Ocean image. Image credit: Andres Marquez.
Extinctions ran amok in ancient oceans, then slowed down. Stanford scientists populated virtual oceans with realistic organisms and cranked up the heat to find out why.
Vietnamese fishers pull in a net. (Image credit: Quang Nguyen Vinh
A comprehensive review of the water-sourced foods sector reveals challenges and opportunities for creating a healthier, more sustainable, equitable, and resilient global food system.
Kīlauea’s summit caldera. Image credit: M. Patrick, USGS
A new analysis of Hawaii’s Kīlauea volcano helps to confirm the reigning scientific paradigm for how friction works on earthquake faults.

Stanford Alumni in Sustainability & Environment

The Stanford Alumni Association is reaching out to alumni working as environmental leaders, scientists, advocates, lawyers, and change makers. The newly-forming group Stanford Alumni in Sustainability & Environment will build a cross-cutting community of Stanford alumni engaged in careers related to sustainability through networking, mentorship, and professional opportunities. If you're interested in staying updated, let us know at [email protected].
USGS Photo. Image credit: Unsplash.
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