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Summer 2022
Launching September 2022
The new school will launch as the Stanford Doerr School of Sustainability, recognizing a $1.1 billion gift from John and Ann Doerr. Arun Majumdar has been appointed as the school's inaugural dean.
Graduates seated
Dean Steve Graham said 2022 graduates are especially well prepared to "navigate uncertainties in the pursuit of a life that brings happiness and meaning."
Pamela Matson receiving award
The award is presented annually at the school's diploma ceremony. The honoree is selected based on nominations from students, faculty, and alumni.
Paula Welander receiving award
The award recognizes individuals who go above and beyond their role to create a more inclusive, just, and welcoming school community.
Summer reading list
Faculty and scholars recommend these 26 books for your summer reading to ignite curiosity and inspire critical thinking.
Also: New Oceans department approved and ERE will expand into Energy Science and Engineering; Anne Dekas receives NSF CAREER Award; New Academic Professionals Certificate program launched.

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Keep an eye out for event invitations from the Stanford Doerr School of Sustainability, beginning with our annual events. Save the dates!

  • Reunion Homecoming Weekend: ThursSun, Oct 2023, 2022, Stanford
  • Reception at AGU: Mon, Dec 12, 2022, Chicago, IL
  • Launch events to be announced throughout the 2022-23 academic year



Cher Nomura, '22 Earth Systems, has dedicated her studies to public service and environmental education in order to one day serve her community and others in the Pacific Islands.
Cher Nomura
"We would never stand over the tailpipe of a car breathing, yet we are perfectly happy to stand over our stoves and breathe their pollution."  
–Rob Jackson in TIME

“We're showing that on Titanjust like on Earth and what used to be the case on Marswe have an active sedimentary cycle.” 
–Mathieu Lapôtre in CNET

“Farming finfish on an industrial scale is like farming livestock on land on an industrial scale.” 
–Rosamond Naylor in Scientific American 

Child writing in dark
Data suggests many rich countries could use less energy without compromising well-being while countries with high energy poverty could maximize well-being with less energy than previously thought.
Broken road
New types of data collection and faster computers are helping our knowledge of earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanoes—and how to prepare for them.
Agriculture fields
Crop yields could increase by about 25% in China and up to 10% in other parts of the world if emissions of a common air pollutant decrease by about half.
A new mathematical model has brought together the physics and chemistry of highly promising lithium-metal batteries to tackle a cause of degradation and failure.
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