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Management Science and Engineering
April 2024 Newsletter
The rejuvenation of spring
Spring quarter brings a certain vibrancy to campus. Nature blossoms, students prepare to graduate and start summer internships, and faculty make research plans. In this issue of the MS&E Newsletter, we share stories about the people who make the department such a lively place.
In this issue - stories & voices:
 • Faculty profiles
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Explore articles, interviews, and more in this issue of the MS&E Newsletter.
Our lead story: Generosity in action
MS&E is fortunate to count among our community many distinguished academics who combine inspirational scholarship with service to the School of Engineering and to Stanford. Several senior faculty hold endowed professorships, which are made possible by some of Stanford Engineering's most generous friends. Endowed professorships are designed to ensure that remarkable scholars stay at the forefront of their respective fields and provide long-term financial stability to the university and the school. Today, we're pleased to share some news about two of MS&E's endowed professors.
Elisabeth Paté-Cornell
Professor Paté-Cornell is the Burton J. and Deedee McMurtry Professor in the School of Engineering, and was the founding chair of MS&E when it was formed in 2000. We caught up with her recently to ask about her experiences leading the department to and through its inception. She cites one constant throughout the department's evolution: MS&E has always been about its students.
Professor Elisabeth Paté-Cornell
Prof. Paté-Cornell spent the fall quarter engaged in her work as co-chair of the committee of the National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine (NASEM) on risk analysis methods for nuclear war and nuclear terrorism. She published a public report on the methods of analysis of said risks, and presented that work to the Departments of Defense and Homeland Security, the White House, and other government agencies.

In MS&E, Prof. Paté-Cornell introduced students in her Engineering Risk Analysis course to new concepts in quantum computing with the participation of Michael Brett of Amazon Web Services. She also taught a graduate project course in which students addressed the existential risks of artificial intelligence, building on her published research on the need for encoding the right risk attitude in situations where an AI system makes risk management decisions under uncertainty. The course also studied the US's progress on the resilience of our supply chain of critical materials.
Yinyu Ye
Professor Ye is the Kwoh-Ting Li Professor in the School of Engineering, and one of the rare MS&E faculty who is an MS&E alum (read more about his journey to Stanford in this profile from 2020).

Prof. Ye has influenced a fundamental method in the field of MS&E—mathematical programming (MP) solvers.
Professor Yinyu Ye
He developed a new generation of MP solver as a leader of the international team at Cardinal Operations—a startup co-founded by MS&E alums including Dongdong Ge (PhD '09). Named the COPT Solver, it has consistently ranked among the top two solvers globally and has influenced organizations in a variety of fields. Recently, an open-source solver co-developed by the same team became the first-ever to take advantage of GPU hardware, opening its capabilities to larger and more complex problems.

With PhD student Devansh Jalota, Prof. Ye studies online markets and equilibrium pricing. Their work goes beyond the simple supply-and-demand dynamics of a classical Fisher market, for example, to model how to allocate capacity-constrained public goods or the real-world behavior of users in an online marketplace.

Prof. Ye's influence extends outside Stanford as well. Haihao Lu, a professor of operations management at the Booth School of Business who worked on the GPU-based MP solver with Prof. Ye, builds on Prof. Ye's seminal contributions to the field of online linear programming. This work has influenced multiple sectors such as internet advertising. Additionally, Prof. Ye's work with Stanford alum Erick Delage (MS '05, PhD '09 Electrical Engineering) on how to minimize risk when there is no faith in a distribution model continues to be cited in research spanning diverse areas, including environmental policies, machine learning, and statistics.
AI in fintech forum
AI in Fintech Forum
The Stanford Advanced Fintech Lab is hosting the Sixth AI in Fintech Forum on May 10 on the Stanford campus. The event features presentations and panel discussions by leading academics and industry practitioners from JP Morgan, Bloomberg, US Bank, and other organizations. To attend the Forum, please register via Eventbrite.
portrait photos of faculty, students, and alums
John Sears (MS '15), center, led an informational session on campus about quantitative careers in sports  | Image by Patty Padilla
Our Career Services program brings MS&E alums and other speakers to campus to help students along their academic and career journeys. This year, sessions have covered a wide range of topics, including networking, meeting your future self, internships, product management, lessons learned from MS&E senior projects, careers in data science and machine learning, values-based employment, and quantitative careers in sports. Details about some events appear online.

Many thanks to the alums who presented during fall and winter quarters: Meera Clark (and her mother, Ranjana Clark), David Telleen Lawton, Rollins Stallworth III, Laura Marino, Alexandra Hellman, Samantha Koire, Kate Salmon, Madeline Kerr, Paul Magon de la Villehuchet, Tim Kendall, John Sears, and Brandon Wulff, as well as current students Ignacio Guarna, Lyna Kim and Sophia Love.

Do you want to share your expertise and meet the next generation of MS&E grads? Contact Lindsey Akin, MS&E's Career Services Officer.
portrait photos of faculty, students, and alums
Left to right: Siegfried Hecker, Sheldon Ross, Chuck McCallum | Images courtesy of Stanford and INFORMS
On the shoulders of giants:  Join us as we celebrate the pioneers of MS&E through oral histories.
  • Siegfried Hecker, professor emeritus of MS&E, describes his early life and education, his research in plutonium science and international nuclear security, and his career at the Los Alamos National Laboratory, including his service as its director from 1986 to 1997.

  • Sheldon Ross (PhD '68) discusses his experience during the early days of operations research at Stanford, as well as other stories from his career.

  • Chuck McCallum (PhD '70) shares his story, from being advised by professor emeritus of MS&E Richard Cottle to working at Bell Labs, and much more.

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