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Management Science and Engineering
December 2023 Newsletter
The department of MS&E is made up of many brilliant people who work in varied areas and across disciplines. This issue of the MS&E Newsletter focuses on the people who make our department such a great place to study, work, and do research.
In this issue:
 • Meet incoming students
 • Stories from faculty & alums
 • Awards & recognition

Explore articles, audio, and more in this issue of the MS&E Newsletter.
Our lead story: Meet our incoming PhD students
incoming PhD students
Incoming MS&E PhD students | Photos submitted by the students
MS&E welcomed over 20 PhD students this fall, in addition to many master’s and undergraduate students. We caught up with the incoming PhD students to ask about their experiences and aspirations. A few stories are highlighted below, and you can meet all of them here.
murthy, anushka circle blue comp.png
Anushka Murthy
Anushka came to Stanford as a PhD student in mathematics, and quickly realized she wanted to utilize her skills in an applied way to solve problems with societal impact. Now in MS&E, she hopes to reduce bias and improve efficiency in online marketplaces, as well as empower underrepresented minorities in all levels of academia. Get to know Anuskha.
Brian Lattimore
Brian has a background in chemistry and product management, just the type of interdisciplinary thinking that makes MS&E such a special place. Inspired by the research gaps he identified during his MBA studies, Brian is driven to make substantial contributions to academia and to enable organizations to foster equitable access to opportunities and resources. Get to know Brian.
Brian Lattimore
Rose Wang
Rose Wang
Rose has a passion for integrating artificial intelligence into financial analysis and decision-making. As she begins her PhD in MS&E, she aims to leverage her interdisciplinary skill set to innovate in the fields of asset pricing, risk management, and the study of human behavior in market dynamics. Get to know Rose.
Yupeng Chen
Yupeng spent the last three years as a data analyst at the Center for Health Policy Research at UCLA, where he discovered the power of health data. He aspires to understand the impact of health policy and improve the quality of healthcare delivery with computational models. Get to know Yupeng.
Yupeng Chen
  • Welcome Alicia Sheares to the MS&E faculty! Professor Sheares was hired in 2022, spent a year at the University of California as a President’s Postdoctoral Fellow, and started teaching this fall. We asked her about her work as the school year began.
  • Senior Ky Robinson didn’t take running seriously until he was halfway through high school. Now, he is poised to become the most decorated Stanford men’s distance runner in more than 20 years.

  • Less than two weeks before throwing a 156-pitch baseball game, senior Quinn Mathews submitted a 30-page paper for an MS&E class. He had been studying elbow fatigue, and avoided injury during the game. (This story may require a subscription.)
portrait photos of faculty, students, and alums
Left to right: Alicia Sheares, Ky Robinson, Quinn Mathews, Laura Taylor-Kale, Christina Cacioppo | Images courtesy of Stanford, Laura Taylor-Kale, and Forbes
As we look ahead to MS&E’s 25th anniversary in 2025, we’re also looking back on the department’s legacy. The department stands on the shoulders of giants, so to speak—MS&E faculty and alums, many of whom joined departments that later merged to form MS&E, who have shaped our field and paved the way for today’s scholars. Below are verbal accounts from a few of those giants:

Richard "Dick" Cottle
Professor emeritus Dick Cottle reflects on the early days of Operations Research at Stanford, as well as his journey to get there, which went through Bell Labs, among other stories.

Kenneth Arrow
A Nobel laureate and former professor of Operations Research, the late Kenneth Arrow discusses his experience as an early faculty member and chair of Stanford’s Faculty Senate.

Jeff Raikes, '80
Jeff Raikes received his degree from the department of Engineering-Economic Systems, which later became MS&E. He shares tales from his storied career, which includes several years as the chair of Stanford’s board of trustees.
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