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October 2023 Newsletter
A time of renewal
Autumn and the new academic year inspire a sense of change, and this newsletter is no exception. Going forward, expect shorter, more focused, and more frequent newsletters from MS&E. This issue focuses on research and connection; the next issue will celebrate our people.
In this issue:
Research and connection
 • Community-building
 • Survey opportunities
 • Summer research

Explore articles, podcasts, and more in this issue of the MS&E Newsletter.
Our lead story: Connect with us
Explore new ways to connect with MS&E | Newsletter icon by Artif Arshad from Noun Project
As the academic year begins, we are focusing on building a sense of community. In addition to changes in this newsletter (see above), we invite you to follow and engage with us on the platforms below:

Instagram (new)
Our IG account will center around community, as well as feature some of our latest research insights. Get to know the people behind the department @stanfordmsande! Fun fact about one such person: Kevin Systrom, who co-founded Instagram, received his undergraduate degree from MS&E back in 2006.

Subscribe to this newsletter (new)
Have a friend who wasn’t an MS&E student but could benefit from the information we share? New this year, anyone can subscribe to this newsletter. We invite those who are interested in MS&E’s research, impact, and people—including prospective students, employers, thought leaders, and more—to subscribe.

We celebrate MS&E’s research, legacy, and people on LinkedIn, as well as share insights from alums, faculty, and others at Stanford.

Our podcast series, Stanford MS&E: Stories & Voices, is a great way to get to know the MS&E community. Episodes are around 25 minutes, and tell the story of MS&E through its people.
bar chart with the words 2023 employment report
Where do they go?
We updated our employment report with data from last year’s graduates, and for the first time published where our students interned during their time in MS&E.

Find out where our students go after Stanford.
On artificial intelligence: Nonprofits and grant makers/foundations
The Stanford Institute for Human-Centered AI (HAI) is conducting a national survey to better understand the current use, interest in, and opportunity for AI technology. It is open to anyone involved in nonprofits or grant-offering organizations.

On Stanford’s Presidential search: All Stanford alums
The Presidential Search Committee invites feedback from all alums about the values, traits, and abilities our next President should embody. Anyone can share their thoughts by emailing [email protected], and specific alum outreach efforts are also underway.
portrait photos of three students who participated in the MS&E undergraduate diversity in research program
Professor Kathleen Eisenhardt (center) has influenced a generation of scholars | Image by Anthony Ruth
Event updates
  • We’re looking forward to MS&E’s 25th anniversary in 2025, when we’ll host an event to celebrate the department’s legacy and future. If you'd like to help, take this short survey to support our planning committee. And in the meantime, there won’t be any MS&E-specific programming at Reunion 2023 this year.

  • Save the date for January 27, 2024! We’re hosting a virtual event where we’ll share how to reduce friction in your organization and more. Details coming soon.
Research & impact
  • With the Google antitrust trial well underway, and an FTC suit recently filed against Amazon, professor Riitta Katila discusses the impacts of anti-competition regulation on innovation.

  • Most people don’t have an entire method of scholarship named after them. But professor Kathleen Eisenhardt is not most people. Learn how the “Eisenhardt Method” has influenced a generation of scholars.

  • Today’s workers feel numbed by an overwhelming collection of collaboration tools—the very things designed to boost their productivity. To combat this, professor Bob Sutton, along with Paul Leonardi (PhD ‘07) and Rebecca Hinds (PhD ‘22), designed a “collaboration cleanse” to help simplify employees’ lives.
portrait photos of three students who participated in the MS&E undergraduate diversity in research program
MS&E alums discussed the challenges of creating a carbon-neutral economy | Adapted from an image by Murat Taner/Getty Images
Typically a quiet time of year, this summer instead brought substantial research output from MS&E. We gathered insights from the past few months below.
AI & data science
  • The gateway course for Stanford’s new Data Science & Social Systems major teaches students how to use data to address important social problems. Professor Ramesh Johari and adjunct professor David Scheinker introduced students to the challenge of delivering equitable access to healthcare.

  • How can leaders harness AI’s transformative abilities while managing its challenges and uncertainties? A group led by Rebecca Hinds (PhD ‘22) surveyed over 4,500 workers to help leaders get the most out of AI.
Computational social science
The future of organizing
Informing policy decisions
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